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How it Works

Enter Job related data
Provide the job title and company name to create a jd. Be sure to provide precise job title according to your need.
Provide other Data
You can also mention other things such as location of the job, skills, salary range, experience, etc. These things will get included while making the job description.
Copy Paste or Edit
Now wait a few seconds. Your beautifully and carefully crafted job description will be ready to use.

Why not just use chatgpt ?

Well, Chatgpt is a general purpose site whereas job description generator is solely made for making only job description. We take care of all the prompt magic under the hood. All you have to do is to provide a job title. that is it. You don't have to write super long prompt every time. Plus your all previous jds are saved. You can reuse it anytime.

Readable and Well formatted

Our tool make the job description more readable and concise. In a study it is found that on an average a candidate reads a job description for only 15 seconds. In this era it is very difficult to grab someones attention. So your job description really need to well formated and readable.

Attracts the Best Talent

our tool crafts job descriptions using industry-specific keywords and compelling phrases, designed to appeal to top-tier professionals. This strategic approach not only increases applicant volume but ensures that your postings attract the highest caliber of talent, positioning your company as a top choice for elite professionals.

Speed and Efficiency

Designed for rapid output without compromising on quality, our AI Job Description Generator significantly reduces the time spent on creating job descriptions. This efficiency allows your HR team to swiftly adapt to market changes and focus on other critical recruitment tasks, keeping you ahead in the fast-paced talent acquisition race.

Who is it for?

HR Professionals

Human Resources managers and specialists who regularly draft job descriptions for various roles within an organization.

Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists

Professionals who specialize in sourcing and hiring candidates and need to understand the specifics of different job roles.

 Startups and Entrepreneurs
Startups and Entrepreneurs

Individuals in startups or entrepreneurial ventures who need to create job descriptions for new roles as their businesses grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I try it for free?

Yes. Every User get free one credits using which you can create one jd for free.

2. What are credits, and how do they work?

1 credit = 1 job description generation. you can purchase credits on the pricing page.

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